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Excellence is a value that is part of our business and that translates into a state of mind: to offer the best to our customers


Stone Invest is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the sector. Co-founded by two specialists of the real estate market, the firm comprises a team of sales, relocation and renovation professionals with decades of experience in the region. Stone Invest is young-spirited, at the forefront of new ideas, concepts and marketing strategies. We are constantly looking to set higher standards in the real estate market, and guarantee top-notch services to our clients. We are committed to provide a wide array of real estate services ensuring that the needs of our clients are met. At the roots of our success are the quality of our services and our passion for sales.

For Rent

Stone Invest's commitment is nourished by the lasting satisfaction of its customers, which is why our employees in the rental market always commit themselves to your interests. They show a total commitment to maintain and enhance your property and satisfy both parties "owner and tenant". Mutual trust is essential to the smooth running of the rental process both with our staff and between landlords and tenants. Trust relies on the responsibility of each person, it is built over time, on expertise, transparency and a quality human relationship

Off-market properties

Stone Invest has a part dedicated to luxury real estate. In this sector, some real estate properties can't be valued in a traditional way in order to respect the willingness of our customers. For those who wish, you can contact us to find out about our off-market properties. Updated, this selection brings together our finest properties in both France and Switzerland.

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